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10th February 2014
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RC Drift Addict

Well I was asked by Chris, the owner of RC Drift Addict weather I fancied going to take some pictures of some of the local guys doing some remote controlled drifting down and Underground car park.

So off I went not knowing what to expect to find a good bunch of people with a variety of shells having a good laugh, and that’s when I found out how expensive of a Hobby it can be with whole packages going from a few hundred into thousands but the things you can do is incredible with only your imagination being the limitation. So I went about setting up some test shots of some of the cars static and and seeing what I could do with the poor lighting.

Once id got to grips with some static ones I moved over to the place they were using as a track and decided to get on the end of the big corner. Watching them come round was incredible to see what such little things can do and how quick they are. The shells ranged from Nissan Skylines to BMW M3 and other inbetween all been fully customed to how they wanted them, painted, stickered up with different wheels making them all unique.

Here is a link to all the pictures in Hi-Res –


And Chris made a little Montage of the pictures from the night –

Dont forget to go and check out RC Drift Addict’s website and Facebook page –


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