Rollin’ on Steelies/ Zilla – Two Face Polo 6R

30th December 2013
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Rollin’ on Steelies/ Zilla – Two Face Polo 6R

Let me introduce what I call the Two Face Polo, Perry’s VW Polo 6r, one side clean, the other side zillalife’d up with there signature print. This is an OCD persons worst nightmare, not symmetrical in any way apart from the wheels, but will that last? You cant even classify this car, its not Euro because of the interior yet its not JDM because its not Japanese which is why I love this car.

On the outside this has been put on Havair 2way Air ride with brand new Extreme offset Wheels, 16″, in Chrome, with rear spacers to get them to tuck up front yet poke at the back. Then is the iconic signature Leopard print vinyl that is for Zilla Staff exclusive. Then to finish it off are the finish touches like the black bolts and black front badge.

But when the lights go down and the moon rises so the car changes with is colour changing under car neons which have a multitude of settings including the ones that has been called the “Christmas Light” setting where they flick though all the colours at a steady pace.

Then on the inside comes the different story with the one single Bride fixed bucket seat with a Takata Harness finished off with a Zilla gear knob in purple. This car is one unique masterpiece and is constantly evolving with new ideas. So always keep you eye out for it as it is surely to have something new on it

Massive thanks to Perry for the pleasure of letting me do the debut shoot. Also watch out on Matt MediaWatercooled Society of a video that is being made of this as well.

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